Updating ps2 drivers usb

My system was working fine until recently when all of a sudden all USB and PS2 ports stopped working.

The strange thing about this is USB ports work for some time during the nights and then don’t work during the day time.

Overall it provides a standardized way to connect and communicate with over 120 different types of devices.

If you are experiencing problems with the operation of devices connected to your USB port, its most likely due to one of the factors listed below: There is sometimes an issue where the USB port has not sensed the device you’ve connected and a system re-boot is needed for the device to be ‘found.’ Obsolete USB drivers can also be an issue and result in a high share of the errors found with USB operation.

Maintaining an extensive group of current drivers on your hard drive is nearly impossible, when you strive to manually find out and obtain every driver which requirements bringing up-to-date.I bought a generic PS/2 to USB adapter (two female PS/2 connectors that are converted to one male USB plug) So I can connect my favorite keyboard and mouse to my new 7 PC that has no PS/2 ports. Yes the keyboard and mouse are in working order, and they are compatible with 7, 64 bit (I tested them on another machine that has PS/2 connectors) The converter works fine on my old XP 32 bit machine but it doesn’t work on 7, 64 bit. I have tried everything from reinstalling all USB drivers to repairing the Windows, but nothing works.Kindly help in figuring out whether this is a software or a hardware problem and how it can be rectified.

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